Dollar Cost Averaging Calculator

Some Notes

It’s important to note that stock prices can fluctuate unpredictably throughout the years. It’s also possible that in some years, or even multiple years in a row, there can be loses.

Because of this variability, it’s impossible to calculate with preciseness what the future will be with dollar cost averaging or any other method. That said, the further out one is looking, the more accurate the calculator will likely be. To put some numbers around this, anything under five years is likely be inaccurate. 5-10 is more likely to be moderately accurate. 10+ will have higher odds of being the most realistic.

Also, when discussing averages, this is in the context of the stock market as a whole. Funds that capture a large portion of the market like the S&P 500 or total market index funds should be used if looking for consistency. If applying dollar cost averaging against individual stocks or something like Bitcoin, your results over the years are likely to be far more variable and may have a higher likelihood of no gains at all.

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